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“Most people who run a business do so not to become wealthy, but so they can provide a lifestyle that they’re comfortable with, for both them and their family, in a way that they can control and not be answerable to anyone else.  If we can help on that journey by helping people become a little more successful or by making lives a little easier, then we’re doing a good job”.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Personal Service, Communication and Support

    The BSO is a unique organisation.  By personalising our approach and focusing solely on our “member’s needs” in a way that is specific for them, ensures that we build an organisation full of happy, engaged clients, which is just good business.

    Asking “how we can help?” is the cornerstone of what we do.

  • Events

    Our events are designed specifically for business owners.  There is never a hidden agenda, and we will not be pitching products from stage.  Working across multiple formats we provide a relaxed environment for business owners to meet whilst developing knowledge on business areas that are essential for success in the 21st century.

    Our events take 3 formats, our general evening events, question time for business and our business breakfasts.

    In addition, if you run events as part of your business, we are happy to help promote them to our members completely free of charge.

  • Protection

    Most of our services, regarding business protection are included only as part of our Premium Membership.

    We can provide legal documentation templates, offer a 24/7 helpline as well as commercial legal protection insurance.  These cover areas such as employment law, health and safety, criminal prosecution and tax investigations. 

    We believe this type of cover is essential in today’s increasingly litigious world. However, we are aware that people may have cover elsewhere, hence the reason to give you the choice of membership types.

    In addition our debt collection services can be accessed in all membership categories as well as discounted bespoke legal services.

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  • The Network

    If you’re like most business owners we meet, you and your business will be quite unique.  We are also aware that for the majority of services that you require, a specialist or local provider will probably be your best solution.

    This is where The BSO becomes unique.  Our “Network” can provide almost anything that you require whether it’s business insurance, stationary, marketing services or pretty much anything else you require.

    We heard a phrase - “If you have a need, we can turn that into a lead”, and it’s very true.

    Should you have a requirement, please feel free to ask us, and we’ll do what we can to get you a great supplier.

  • Supporting Services

    Specially selected on behalf of our members, we have created a suite of supporting services.

    Covering a range of business issues, our solutions are provided either free of charge or at a special member rate.  Please speak to us directly to find the right solution for you.


    Free Auto Enrolment solution
    Free Financial Health Check
    Print and Mail
    Call Answering
    Card Payment Processing
    Private Healthcare Provision
    Business Data

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  • Business Portal

    The interactive business portal is there to help you engage directly with other members. This is a place to post opportunities, look for collaboration, promote deals and to find leads. 

    We will be actively looking for our retail members to promote deals that can also be made available to your staff.  After all, almost every business owner we meet is looking for more business. This tool is a great way to help.

    Our portal is completely free and exclusive to members.  We welcome your thoughts about how to drive this unique service forward.

  • Employee Engagement Programme

    We know that the world is an expensive place, with the average household purse constantly being stretched.  Discount schemes are now commonplace with countless discount sites available.

    But for day to day retail purchases, schemes are only normally available through premium accounts/plans, if you work for a blue chip company or through a union of some description.

    For smaller businesses however, a good employee programme can be prohibitively expensive. Using the combined bargaining power of The BSO membership we have sourced a simple discount scheme that can be used to save at the majority of stores on the high street.

    And best of all, it is completely free for all our members and their staff.

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  • Training

    Skills development is essential for all businesses if they are to survive in this fast moving and ever competitive marketplace.

    Whilst our business events give great insight into many topics and are completely free, many prefer formal training rather than a large scale presentation.

    Because The BSO makes its money from memberships we can hold specialist training events at heavily discounted rates, with group training sessions starting as low as £30 for a half day course.

    We have a number of courses planned for 2018, but if there’s an area you’d like us to cover we’re happy to look into it for you.

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