• Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon can I start using The BSO’s services.

    As soon as you apply for membership and submit your payment details you can use any of our standard membership services immediately.

    Premium services are applied for and available within 72 working hours after payment is cleared. Your membership starts from that date - this usually means that in the first year our you will receive 53 weeks of membership.

  • Where can I find my membership number?

    Your membership number is emailed to you as soon as your membership is processed at head office, usually with 48 hours. 

  • Do I get a membership card?

    Every member receives a virtual membership card that can be saved to your smart phone.

    In our experience this will make it easier for you because you’ll carry your phone everywhere making it easier to access, especially if you need it to access discounts provided by local retailers and restaurants.

  • How do I register for the events?

    As a member you will receive regular updates from us.  Simply follow the links that are provided to register or alternatively register via the events page.

  • After I’ve joined, will I see my account manager ever again?

    We certainly hope so.  It is our belief that the key to business is personal relationships and we encourage every member to meet up with us at least once per year.  But we’re not going to force you if you don’t want to and we’re always at the end of the phone should you need us.

    Remember you’ll also see us at each event, and it’s always good to speak to other members.  Some of the best introductions and ideas of how to make best use of our service comes from other members not us.

  • Are the events free of charge for members?

    All of our evening events are free for members, however to cover costs, our breakfast meetings are charged at £12.00 for members and £16.00 for non-members.

  • How often do you hold your events?

    We currently hold monthly evening and breakfast events, as well as special one offs to cover specific topics. 

    However following feedback from our members we are looking to increase the frequency of both the breakfast and evenings during the course of 2018.

  • Can I bring a visitor to an event?

    Sure, we’ll even waive our non-member fee for your guests allowing them to attend our evening events free of charge. 

    If bringing a visitor to a breakfast we’ll extend our courtesy, and only charge the member rate.

  • Am I tied into my membership?

    Not at all!  All our memberships only run for 12 months and there are no contractual tie-in.

  • Will my membership automatically renew?

    As with most membership organisations we do auto renew our memberships given that in most cases there is an insurance element of your membership. 

    However we will contact you 2 weeks in advance to remind you of your upcoming renewal date.  Should you forget and we renew your membership, we are happy to refund in full up to 2 weeks after your renewal.

  • You mention that you use local providers where possible. How do I access that network?

    The best way is to call us directly and to speak to your account manager.  Depending upon your requirements we can then make the appropriate introductions for you.