• About Us

  • About our founder - Brett Sheldon, Managing Director

    It is difficult to make this sound really exciting, but Brett simply isn’t anyone different from most people out there.

    He’s a Black Country lad, drinks brown beer and is dedicated to his girlfriend and children (which being teenagers, basically means he’s a taxi driver and cash machine). 

    His passion is sport, a talented hockey player in his younger years, but being a little older now you’ll never find him far from a golf course - and if you ask, yes, he does play a lot…..

    But it’s when you meet Brett you find out he is a bit of a character. Figure out what makes him tick and then look at his experience, you’ll understand why he launched The Business Support Organisation (The BSO).

    Spending 10 years working for two of the “leading” business organisations, Brett has worked with 2,000-2,500 small businesses.  He broke convention by taking a hands-on approach with his members which has gained him a good reputation within the West Midlands small business community. 

    By being a business owner himself and by taking a hands-on approach, with so many businesses, has given him the skills and experience to make a difference in the micro and small business sector

    Speaking to Brett you’ll find he’s down to earth, doesn’t take life too seriously and he’ll bend over backwards to help.

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  • What’s his secret to success?

    “It’s simply understanding business owners and their requirements - I’m a business owner myself, so I treat people how I expect to be treated”. 

    “This industry is not about me, or my company, but it is about you and your business.  You run your business for you, to provide a lifestyle that you’re comfortable with for you and your family.  You don’t run it for me or anyone else”. 

    “So, as a business organisation we should be there to make your life easier and to help you become more successful where we can.  So how can we help you?

Some Of Our Members

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  • Committed to helping our clients succeed
  • How The Business Support Organisation came about

  • What We Do

    The Business Support Organisation is much more than just another business organisation, federation or business club.

    Created with over 10 years’ experience and frustration, the founding principles for everything we do are based around a simple question:

    “It’s your business, how can we help you?”

    It has baffled us for years why this question is never asked, and in all honesty we couldn’t tell you why, even with all the information we have working in this industry for all this time. 

    We noticed the further time moved on, more technology gets implemented, the less engagement happened with members.  Instead of improving engagement, more “stuff” is provided. 

    This is ridiculous! as we already know the majority of members within most organisations don’t know what they already get, or don’t know how to use it. 

    Services provided are often one size fit all and often the wrong solution for the business. But because of either governance or contractual terms, organisations will not or cannot recommend the best solution for you. 

    And there is rarely any kind of decent account management for smaller businesses, no getting to understand your business and faceless communication channels. 

    Once again, why this happens within our industry we can’t fully answer, but we know the need for support is there.  In fact, by offering more and more “stuff” does in fact work in competition with a lot of their own members.

    Most business owners are very good at what they do.  However, most could do with a little help from time to time, whether it is trying to attract new clients, dealing with regulation changes or even trying to sort an unexpected problem that has cropped up.  Most business owners are the same.

    Something better is required

    Which is why we launched The Business Support Organisation.

  • So how is The BSO different?

  • The idea was simple and came to us watching a Christmas favourite that you’ve probably seen, “Miracle on 34th Street” - the one with Richard Attenborough as Santa. 

    Do you remember the scene where the mother confronts the general manager because “Santa” has told her son that he’ll get an expensive toy but they’re over priced at “Coles department store?”  However, Santa is telling everyone where they can get a good deal, so instead of complaining she’s overjoyed and says she’ll be shopping there for everything but toilet paper and bananas.

    That’s us, that’s our ethos.  This is what makes us different - we’re putting our clients needs first…

    We want businesses to be our members of course - but membership has to be right for you.  We’ll take time to make sure we’re right for you and if not, we’ll point you in the right direction.

    Of course we have services, many are included in the price of membership, others have been negotiated at prices specially for you, but we also know of many alternatives.  We’re happy to give you the choice - it has to be right for you.

    We’re happy to meet with you, even after you’ve joined.  We can then ensure you get a better service and you’ll know more about us.  We’ll take time to understand who you are and what your business does, which means we can give you a better service.

    If we can help you, then you’ll undoubtedly refer us to your connections, which helps us.  It’s not rocket science, its common sense…..

    Ask yourself a question - How can one provider possibly have the singularly best insurance deal (price and service) for an organisation, that is the best deal across every sector, across every industry, across every size of company from John O’Groats to Lands End? 

    It can’t happen - and in reality from our experience the right solution for you is often a local or specialist provider.

    Please don’t simply take our word for it - please look at the testimonials, speak to our members and have a coffee with us at some time.  You never know if we can help unless you ask.

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